Take control of the Formula 3 race car and test your driving skills on a cool 3D course! Compete with the best racers all over the world and record your fastest time over three laps. Use Arrow left and right to steer the car, Arrow up to accelerate and Arrow down to break. Try to keep on the track and get to the pole position!

Ride your snowboard and go for the fastest time as you can while collecting stars and performing tricks ; ARROW keys for navigation ; Combine ARROW and X keys to perform tricks

Here's your chance to teach Coach Weston a lesson. Kick the ball past Phil into the net and score! Careful, if you miss three shots your out'ta there. Score a goal and prove Phil you are skilled enough to play in his team!


This is a cool chess game where your opponent is a talking robot.Use mouse to interact.

Two bunnies are in competition. Which one will be able to make the bigger bubble first. You have 12 levels to show that you are the fastest rabbit.Player 1: Enter - Blow. Player 2: Spacebar - Blow.


Launch your missiles with the correct trajectory to hit the opposing military force.
This game is played with mouse only.